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Customer expectations from their chosen brands are understandably high - quality, reliability and innovation need to be constant: E-Plex brings you all three and allows you to deliver exceptional power and monitoring to your customers.

E-Plex systems offer you a unique multiplexing technology that allows you to have screens designed to reflect your brand, individual system and customer requirements. The modular system allows you to power and monitor a range of elements from simple lighting systems to complete electrical systems including generators, batteries, media and more.

Widely used across marine and vehicle applications, E-Plex also can be used in a range of commercial applications. Power and data is transported over a simple two-wire bus and that offers scalable and flexible solutions at competitive costs.

In competitive market places where the emphasis is on leading edge technology, luxury and longevity E-Plex is a valuable asset.


Fairline targa

Modern boats, whether they are production or individual builds need sophisticated power and monitoring solutions in order to integrate onboard systems in a seamless and intuitive way. Boat owners are increasingly looking for stylish, informative, easy to use interfaces that allow them access quickly and easily all the functionality of their boat.

E-Plex delivers all of this: connecting onboard power, lighting, entertainment systems, heating/air conditioning, and many other essential systems in a seamless solution that can installed in helm, on a remote panel, or via iPad/iPhone.


vehicle Applicationsvehicle Applications

Specialist vehicles builders have seen the power of E-Plex by integrating their power and monitoring systems in one easy to use, innovative system. With the ability to easily incorporate the modular system during build, vehicle designers can easily install E-Plex modules using their own staff; and the design of the screens can mirror their brand and style.


E-Plex works well in a range of commercial applications where electrical systems need to be operated from one point, with the option of remote panels for flexibility.

Currently designed into LoadBanks and Off Grid power systems, the range of commercial applications is endless. E-Plex allows designers to integrate touch screen technology, multiplexing, and own branded designs into products and services at a highly competitive cost.

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Six New Service Dealers

posted on: May 26, 2016 in: E-Plex Dealer

eplex training May 2016

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our latest Service Dealers who attended training this week with the E-Plex team. They cover from Australia to Croatia and bring with them a wide experience of skills perfectly suited for developing and supporting E-Plex customers world-wide.

Do you have a Project we could feature?

posted on: May 26, 2016 in: E-Plex Dealer


On the E-Plex website and social media¬†we like to feature our Dealer’s projects on new systems, designs and even unusual service work. The aim is to highlight the work our dealer network is capable of and how E-Plex is being used in innovative projects worldwide.

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E-Plex is based in Rochester, Kent, England. Our engineering and design team are constantly developing and enhancing our range of products and software to ensure you have access to the latest power and monitoring technology.

Our worldwide dealer network can help you with design and installation of your E-Plex system, experienced in dealing with well known world brands they offer a one-stop shop whatever your project.


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